fangirl challenge | [4/06] sceneries - Teen Wolf


  • just because
  • i disagree with you
  • does not mean
  • i am not your friend


TVD meme 
↳ Three OTPs (2/3)  Klaroline

put two celebrities in my ask and i’ll say which i think is hotter.

TVD names and meanings: Damon Salvatore
TVD names and meanings: Damon Salvatore


↳ A character you would like to see more of

Sheriff Graham

Emma Watson @ Teen Vogue


Sixteen years ago, J.K. Rowling’s dream of becoming a published author was fulfilled. Sixteen years ago, the first book in a series of seven that would made her the best selling writer of our time came out. Sixteen years ago, Harry Potter hit the bookshelves for the first time, intriguing readers right away.

Sixteen years later, the series is the biggest literary phenomenon of our time. Sixteen years later, people all around the world are still reading this first book, whether be it for the first or for the twentieth time. Sixteen years later, Harry Potter and his world are still the best source of escapism most of us have ever come across.

Happy birthday, Philosopher’s Stone, and thank you for everything, Jo.

Don’t the 3 of you just want to be famous? Emma?

“I’d say one of my favorites and one that I am very similar to would be Juliet.She is very strong and smart and confident, but she is also vulnerable in love and struggling to shake the overwhelming power and control of her family.She is a fighter, a romantic, and at times a cynic.Maybe she is the best and worst version of me, and thats why she is one of my favorite characters.”